General information on papers and summaries

Papers presented at the Symposium of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art, organized by the XAE, must be original and constitute an essential contribution to scholarship. Delivery time should not exceed 15 minutes. Participation is restricted to one paper per speaker, but the collaboration of speakers is permitted. The language of the Symposium is Greek. Invited foreign participants may speak in English or French.

Brief summaries of the papers are published in a special issue, which has the character of a preliminary presentation aiming to inform the scholarly community. Participants must send no more than two typed pages, without footnotes or photographs. Small line drawings can be included in the two pages. The typed texts are reproduced directly and must be full, clear, uniform and without corrections, on the responsibility of their authors. The text should be typed with TimesNewRoman, 1.5 spacing and of exact dimensions 18 x 23 cm. It should be headed by the name of the author and the title of the paper, in capital letters and within the margins. Summaries should be posted unfolded in a large envelope or in electronic form in Ms Word. The summaries, with the participation form and the speaker’s details (affiliation, electronic and postal address) should be sent within the announced deadline to the CHAE’s electronic address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, it is possible to present posters.

The Board of the XAE can propose changes to or even reject papers, in those cases where they do not meet the requirements of originality and contribution to scholarship. For the best organization of the Symposium, the following measures have been decided upon:

  1. Papers that do not comply with the aforesaid specifications and that are not received by the deadline given in the relevant circulars will not be accepted.
  2. If a summary is not received by the deadline and is therefore not published in the Symposium issue, then it is not permitted to present the paper.
  3. Papers on issues other than art history or archaeology of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods are not accepted.
  4. Summaries in excess of two pages are not accepted. Abstracts longer than 500 words or two pages are not accepted.