The Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society (DChAE)


The first edition of the Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society was published in 1892. By 1911 ten issues had appeared, all of them compiled almost exclusively by the secretary of the Society, Georgios Lampakis. The issues of the first publication period included the proceedings of the Society, descriptions of the new acquisitions of the Museum and references to LampakisΥs tours "throughout the Christian world".

After a long interruption in the publication of the periodical, following Lampakis's death (1914), publication was resumed in 1924 and continued through to 1927. This second period of the DCHAE comprises four volumes, which include in addition to the proceedings of the Society related scholarly contributions. The third publication period is represented by the four issues that appeared between 1932 and 1938, under the title Proceedings of the Christian Archaeological Society as appendix of the periodical Byzantinisch-neugriechische Jahrbucher, published by the then President of the Society, Nikos A. Bees.

The first volume of the fourth period was published in 1959. Since then, thirty-eight volumes have appeared some of them dedicated to the memory of important Greek and foreign scholars, among them Georgios Soteriou (vol. IV, 1964-1965), Andreas Xyngopoulos (vol. X, 1980-1981), Anastasios Orlandos (vol. XI, 1982-1983), Marinos Kalligas (vol. XIII, 1985-1986), John Travlos (vol. XV, 1989-1990), André  Grabar (vol. XVI, 1991-1992), Doula Mouriki (vol. XVII, 1993-1994), Dimitrios Pallas (vol. XX, 2003), George Galavaris (vol. XXVI, 2005) and Nikolaos Drandakis (XXVII, 2006), Pavlos Mylonas (28, 2007), Anna Marava-Chatzinikolaou (29, 2008), Ilias Kollias (30, 2009), Demetrios Konstantios (33, 2012), and Titos Papamastorakis (34, 2013).

The DCHAE, which is now published regularly each year and is presented at the Symposium of the Christian Archaeological Society, is firmly established as one of the most authoritative scientific journals on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine archaeology and art.
Since 2011 the Deltion of CHAE, is issued electronically in cooperation with the National Documentation Center (ΕΚΤ):

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All volumes of the Deltion are open access except the two latest, which are accessible with a subscription.