Since its first steps in 1884, the Christian Archaeological Society became actively involved with its resources in actions for the protection of Byzantine monuments.

Today it continues to intervene with its scientific discourse, whenever issues arise concerning monuments in danger or subject to interventions that alter their character and undermine their archaeological importance.

The following resolutions, which have been issued by the Administrative Board or the General Assembly of the Society’s members, represent this concern.

Decumanus Maximus - MA΄/ 41 DChAE, 2020

Resolution for the Monastery of Chora



The Christian Archaeological Society expresses its distress for the fate of the Monastery of Chora and calls on the international organizations mandated for the protection of cultural heritage and the leadership of the European Union to make every effort to protect the monument that preserves the most brilliant example of Byzantium Monumental art of the Palaiologan period

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NEW Resolution for Hagia Sophia in Constantinople/Instanbul

Resolution for the Thessaloniki Metro



The Administrative Board of the Christian Archaeological Society appeals to the country's prime minister and demand action to resolve the important issue of the Thessaloniki Metro, in order to help preserve the unique archaeological discovery, namely the Tetrapylon and the city's central streets, i.e. the Mese (decumanus maximus) and the intersecting cardo, which led to the port of the second city of the Byzantine empire, Thessaloniki, in situ as an accessible archaeological site, in harmony with the transportation needs of the city.

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