Electronic Publications of the CHAE


In 2015, the CHAE, in accordance with technological developments and with the general climate of the time, created a new series of open access electronic monographs and edited volumes in collaboration with the National Documentation Center


The first book of the series is the monograph by Konstantia Kefala, The 13th-century wall-paintings in the churches of Rhodes, Athens 2015.
The CHAE aims to increase the number of electronic publications in the immediate future.

Konstantia Kefala, The 13th-century wall-paintings in the churches of Rhodes, Athens 2015, 326 pages, 145 illustrations



The subject of the study is the monumental painting of Rhodes in the 13th century, more specifically from 1204, when the Byzantine commander Leo Gavalas took over the administration of the island until the arrival of the Knights of Saint John in 1309. The extant samples of the artistic production of this period are located in a total of six churches of the city and in the countryside. The monuments are presented in chronological order. First there is a detailed description and an iconographic examination of the paintings, followed by a stylistic analysis of the painted decoration with the proposed dating. More specifically, the study deals with the wall-paintings of Saint Phanourios in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, the katholikon of the monastery of the Archangel Michael at Thari, Saint John Koufa at Paradeisi, Saint Niketas at Damatria, Saint George Varda at Apolakkia, and Saint George Kounara at Asklepio. Two specific chapters dealing with Saint George Varda were expanded, because of their special interest: one of them discusses the rare inscription “η Ακηδιωκτενή” (“he Akhdioktene”) which accompanies the image of the Virgin Glykophilousa and the other one analyzes the iconography and the local cult of the saint.